Arriving at BoxoPROJECTS Artist Residency – Day 1

I arrived at BoxoPROJECTS Artist Residency – Day 1! Packing supplies, materials and equipment was a challenge. And arriving here I’m so happy that I overcame the obstacles of transporting my studio to the studio at BoxoPROJECTS to continue to transform my concepts into the artworks for Contradictions – Bringing The Past Forward©

 Packing my car

Walking into the open studio there is a realization that this Artist Residency – Day 1 provides the opportunity to work without distractions in this ever-changing desert environment in Joshua Tree, CA. Surrounded on the one side by the massive rock formations and on the other side by the open desert expanse. And the colors at sunset, without the interference of city lights, are truly amazing.

Sign to BoxoPROJECTS Artist Residency

And this my home away from home, the Guest House in Joshua Tree, CA BoxoPROJECTS Guest House

Contradictions – Bringing The Past Forward©.  Opening Reception: Saturday, November 6, 2021, 2-5 pm

Artist Talk at 3pm in person and on Zoom

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  1. I can hardly wait to see and appreciate you as your art explodes even further into the creative genius stratosphere. To view your art is to gain insight into the workings of the universal mystic law and its infinite manifestations which deeply affects us all.

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