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My Next Evolution

During COVID stay-at-home restrictions in March 2020 I reflected on the contradictions of being be an African American female artist who lives in the Mojave Desert area.  I started exploring first, women artists who also live or have lived in the Mojave Desert, and second, African American artists.

In my research the accidental discoveries of subjects I found that I was not seeking originally, but proved beneficial, reminded me of a book that has always intrigued me, The Three Princes of Serendip by Harris Walpole (1754).  According to the blog, Ars Arte et Labore (Art Skill and Work), in the English speaking world this story is known as a source of the word serendipity, thought to be coined by Horace Walpole. His recollection of the part of the book he referred to as the “silly fairy tale” was where the three princes by “accidents and sagacity” discern the nature of a lost camel.

A research based multi-media project

My search for Mojave Desert African American artists led to a 2017 Inland Valley Bulletin article by Joe Blackstock: The untold story: African-American homesteaders once farmed the Mojave Desert.  This was the catalyst for Contradictions – Bringing the Past Forward©.

So when I’m asked, What new ideas are you working on?, my excitement and enthusiasm for the innovative way I’m approaching Contradictions – Bringing the Past Forward© is the focus of this Blog, Mojave Contradictions.

And I want to share with you that BoxoPROJECTS, Joshua Tree, CA awarded me an Artist Residency for October 2021 to further develop the artworks for this series. BoxoPROJECTS is a sponsored project of Fulcrum Arts, a non-profit arts service organization.

More to come . . .

Watch this space to follow my journey and learn more about my project.

“When we create of appreciate art, we set free the spirit trapped within. This is why art arouses such joy.” Daisaku Ikeda

5 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog: Mojave Contradictions”

  1. this sounds so interesting, i can’t wait to see more. So glad you will have the residency to be able to work on this project. With best wishes and excitement for the project, Abbe Land

  2. Hi. Looking forward to seeing your project develop. Seeing the work of Purifoy was a highlight. We will be out to the desert this winter. I have been doing research on my maternal grandparents. My grandfather was a medical doctor in the desert who was known for treating all his patients equally and with respect

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